Roy Jones and the UFC Making Big Moves In Boxing

Roy Jones and the UFC Making Big Moves In Boxing

It had been some time since UFC President and MMA promoter Dana White had said he was going to get involved in promoting boxing but it appears the wheels are now in motion as 2018 draws to an end.

Often times in life and business when things go quiet behind the scenes that’s when things are really starting to happen.

When the real instigating starts in a sense. War merchants in business start to plot their next moves, as it were.

Business is war and the boxing business is perhaps the roughest and most ruthless business of them all.

Roy Jones has a growing promotional company in Las Vegas alongside co-founder and American entrepreneur Mr. Keith Veltre and the pair have struck a huge deal in boxing with UFC, Dana White and specifically — with the UFC Fight Pass product:

Exciting times for boxing in America indeed.

So much competition exists now which should result in better fights being made for fans and more money for the fighters.

Dana White while a polarizing figure is considered the best fight promoter in the world of modern day promoting.

For those who don’t know who Roy Jones is — he’s one of only two men in boxing history to win a genuine middleweight and heavyweight world title and was one of the most naturally gifted fighters to ever live.