Former pound for pound number one boxer Floyd Mayweather is in no mood for the Christmas spirit this year as he takes aim at one of his former rivals in the ring turned promotional rivals Oscar De La Hoya.

Since Mayweather won a split decision points win against De La Hoya over a decade ago it has been no secret that their beef outside the ring has carried into real life and into their now business careers.

Mayweather heads up Mayweather Promotions. De La Hoya runs Golden Boy Promotions.

The hatred they have for one another is real and yesterday Oscar De La Hoya told his haters (while not naming Mayweather by name) to go ‘f*** themselves.’

Like UFC president Dana White did recently, Mayweather has made a personal attack on De La Hoya’s alleged cocaine use on Christmas day no less:

If you don’t want conflict don’t get involved in boxing. Even on Christmas day people are willing to go to war with one another.

Inside and outside the ring as Mayweather proves above. Boxing, what a ruthless game at times.

As for ‘Money’ Mayweather, he gets ready for a three round boxing exhibition bout in Japan this new year’s eve in Tokyo in around one week’s time against a kickboxing world champion.

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