Evander Holyfield As Real As It Gets On How He Started Out

Evander Holyfield As Real As It Gets On How He Started Out

Life is a funny old game but a thoroughly brilliant one it should be acknowledged in fairness.

The lessons some legendary boxers can teach us are quite brilliant at times I’ve found over the years.

Everyone takes a beating or a loss at some time during their lifetime.

That’s just the way it goes.

Boxers know more about this reality than most.

There’s a certain primal and authentic humility that comes from getting your head kicked in during sparring and competitive fights over the years.

One that produces some insightful nuggets of wisdom at times from fighters.

What is the meaning of life?

Perhaps one of the toughest questions in all of human comprehension as we understand it today.

I recall an Irishman saying one time — to love and be loved.

A West coast American woman another time — life is a test.

A wise Englishman noting another occasion — a journey of ups and downs to learn humility and respect for each other. God is all things as without God we are of no importance.

Respectfully, this will be different for everyone of course but my view would perhaps be nearest to the latter sentiment expressed above.

My perception from my own meandering experience for what it’s worth:

To pursue one’s dreams while having a positive impact on humanity by the grace of God, taking heart in fighting and overcoming adversity along the way.

Legendary boxer Evander ‘The Real Deal’ Holyfield knows more about overcoming obstacles than most.

One of boxing’s true warriors.

An excellent role model outside the ring to be fair.

Holyfield showed that size wasn’t everything when he stepped up from cruiser weight to become heavyweight champion.

A humble, stoic soul who’s name is synamous with the meaning of the term ‘the noble art’.

In a statement on his Twitter account he was brutally honest on how he started out:

Fair play.

One of boxing’s true icons.

A credit to the sport and himself.

For a look back at some of his best moments in the ring this video is excellent I thought:

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While the world is in a dark place due to the Covid-19 pandemic continue to stay safe folks.

To all world boxing readers, continue to stay safe, do the recommended things and help one another out as best you can.