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Over a week on and WBC heavyweight world champion Deontay Wilder is still not happy with what the referee did in the 12th round of his fight with Tyson Fury.

During the round Wilder dropped Fury hard with a right hand – left hook combination that laid Fury out and looked to have ended the contest.

However, to the amazement of everyone, Fury somehow was able to get back up from the heavy knockdown, recover and go on to actually dominate the rest of the round.

Speaking on the JRE podcast, Wilder said:

“Oh, I definitely knocked him out. He definitely did’t (beat the count). Correct. Jack Reiss (referee) definitely had delays on that count, I’ve seen the fight like six times. Definitely when he got to there was a very long delay, 8 then he said 9 (slowly). Like I said, 9 out 10 judges would have waved that off. Especially when you see a guy’s eyes roll into the back of his head like that.”

There’s only one way to set the record straight really and that’s to have the rematch in the new year.

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