De La Hoya Reacts To Dana White Calling Him A Coke Head

Golden Boy Promotions head honcho Oscar De La Hoya and UFC boss Dana White continue to go out one another in the media.

Recently White blasted De La Hoya for alleged drug use and for putting on an MMA event on that featured a 48 year old Chuck Liddell.

Former world boxing champion and current boxing promoter De La Hoya recently got into the MMA business and today outlined that he plans on competing with UFC promoter White and that he would also welcome a public debate on TV with the Boston native.

Speaking on ESPN’s first take today to Stephen A. Smith, Oscar De La Hoya replied to Dana White by saying:

“Well look, first of all, what I said, not about him personally — just about the business. About how fighters are coming up to me and saying look we don’t get paid enough. UFC just sold for 4 billion dollars. We’re here struggling trying to make ends meat. I’m fighting for a world title fight where this fight does a million homes and I’m only getting 50,000 dollars.”

He added:

“I’m not attacking him personally. If he wants to attack me personally of what happened 15 years ago? Let me tell you one thing, After that, yeah, I’ve made myself better, I cleaned up, yes I’ve done the work to be the person that I am today. That’s a person that is clean, a good citizen of America. I’m working hard to build my business and to take care of my fighters. Are you doing the same? Why are so many (UFC) fighters complaining?”

The pair had previously been on good terms but the beef appeared to have started when De La Hoya originated it by criticizing the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing match last year or which White was a part of promotion-wise.