Adrien Broner while perhaps quieter than usual at the first press conference with Manny Pacquiao yesterday in New York returned to his normal controversial self today.

He looked like he was enjoying himself throughout today’s proceedings in LA ahead of the fight on January 19th at the MGM in Vegas but at various points drew gasps from reporters with some very controversial remarks.

He appeared to be angered by all the talk that Pacquiao is looking to rematch Mayweather next year and wanted to press upon him that he has to worry about him first.

At one point he said to the media:

“Y’all talk bad about me. It’s the truth. Y’all don’t f*** with me.”

He added:

“He’s (Pacquiao) got a better chance of becoming a driving instructor instead of beating me. I really wasn’t going to come up here and tell a lot of Asian jokes. Oh, y’all get it now? Driving instructor (laughs).”

The media were not exactly too impressed but Broner didn’t look like he cared as he continued to go back to selling fights the best way he knows how — by being controversial.

It was confirmed today that tickets will go on sale this coming Saturday for the fight.