Manny Pacquiao was more passionate and funny then usual today at his second press conference with Adrien Broner that took place in LA.

At one point when Pacquiao was thanking the various promoters involved in the fight, one of which being Broner’s company — Pacquiao turned and told Broner with a smile on his face that:

“I promote you.”

After gaining a few laughs from reporters in attendance he went on to address the Mayweather rematch he’s targeting next year after Broner:

“He’s right. I have to pass through him before Floyd Mayweather. I’m thinking to be victorious on January 19th to have a convincing win. I’m thinking about my last fight with (Lucas) Matthysse, this coming fight I just want to prove to the boxing fans that Manny Pacquiao is still in the pack, okay? Manny Pacquiao’s journey still continues. I want you to know that.”

He added:

“After this (fight) you will see more fights from Manny Pacquiao here in the United States.”

Things look to be cleared up in that regard as far as his US tax issues go with the IRS.

The plan looks to be at least two fights next year in the US for Pacquiao before he hangs up his gloves but if he were to look impressive against Broner don’t rule out a third.