Manny Pacquiao is in full media swing this week ahead of his next fight against Adrien Broner but he’s also keeping an eye on another big fight in his division in the new year too.

Errol Spence vs Mikey Garcia represents two of boxing’s brightest new undefeated talents colliding post Mayweather-Pacquiao era.

They’re the new era of the welterweight division in many ways.

It’s a fight that Pacquiao or Mayweather will not be put in with the winner against as they know in their heart of hearts that these young lions at this stage of their career are too much to handle.

That said, Pacquiao was on hand to offer some advice to Garcia against the bigger man when speaking in a media scrum in New York this week:

“Yes, Mikey Garcia is a talent but he needs to develop more speed. Boxing is hard but there is a way to make it easier than what you think.”

He went on to say:

“Yeah, speed (he must use against Spence). That’s the most important thing. When you fight a bigger opponent speed is the key. You cannot compete with power because he’s bigger than you.”

He continued:

“But the most important thing in my experience is to make sure you are faster than him — speed is the key.”

Pacquiao certainly showed in his own career at least that speed certainly kills.