Manny Pacquiao has revealed that he will be bringing Freddie Roach back into the fold for his upcoming fight against Adrien Broner but not in his former capacity.

The pair enjoyed a famous relationship of success over a long period of time after Pacquiao moved and based the bulk of his pro career in the US.

Ultimately, Pacquiao would go on to become the only 8 weight world champion in boxing history under the guidance of Freddie but like everything in life, all good things come to an end.

Pacquiao elected to just use long time assistant and best friend Buboy Fernandez as head coach last time out against Lucas Matthysse in Malaysia and the pair picked up an impressive TKO together too.

However Pacquiao has now revealed that Freddie will be back in the team again for the upcoming Broner fight:

A nice touch from Pacquiao in fairness. Even if just in a supervising role as mentioned above.

Having the old trio in the corner on fight night would surely only be a plus point if anything.