Floyd Mayweather has alleged that his bout with a kick boxer is back on in Japan for December 31st after some farcical PR blunders in recent times by the former American boxer.

Floyd last fought against Conor McGregor over a year ago and in that time he has kept falsely promising to fans that he would be returning for various forms of ‘fights’.

At this stage the jig is up, really, with the latest suggesting Mayweather will fight a three round boxing exhibition on New Year’s Eve.

Commenting on the fight today at his press conference with Adrien Broner, Manny Pacquiao said:

He also added:

I think people would be far more interested in the Pacquiao rematch in all honesty.

In comparison to the former spectacle fight mooted, that is.

Mayweather against an unknown kick boxer in Japan after a botched announcement for the event initially just seems to be a disaster waiting to happen.

There’s just no sense or story line involved at all and he’s over done it on testing the waters and treating boxing fans as dummies.

The Floyd Mayweather brand has definitely gotten damaged in recent times, no doubt about it.