Both men went head to head for the first time today but had a rather difficult time in keeping a straight face in New York.

While Broner used some of his usual language and flavor you could tell he couldn’t really talk any trash to Pacquiao because he simply had nothing on him, or anything against him for that matter.

Ticket prices for the fight on January 19th were confirmed as: $100, $200, $300, $500, $750, $1000, $1500.

Broner paid tribute to Pacquiao’s ability at one point today referring to him as a:

“Future Hall of Famer.”

As you can see things were very light indeed. Don’t expect that come January 19th though.

Even though Broner is starting out as an underdog in the fight, he is the younger man and has a lot to prove with the last few years a time to forget to be honest.

He still has time on his side to turn his boxing career around though and this huge opportunity against Manny Pacquiao, win or lose.

The fight is a platform for him that if he can put in a big performance on will lead to some more big fights next year.

As for Pacquiao, again win or lose provided he performs and stays injury free, you’d have to expect he’ll get the Floyd Mayweather rematch either way towards the back-end of 2019.

Likely in September on that favorite Mexican weekend that Mayweather likes to target to signal their particular era of boxing once and for all.