Conor McGregor chimed in with his thoughts on Floyd Mayweather’s bizarre comeback earlier on and now Mayweather’s opponent has responded to some of McGregor comments.

McGregor gave his colorful feedback here to the fight and Mayweather’s opponent – referencing famed actor Jackie Chan at one point.

Undefeated kickboxing champion Tenshin Nasukawa has now responded with the following:

There you have it.

Although, we still don’t exactly know what kind of fight this is going to be on December 31st.

The ball appears to be entirely in Floyd Mayweather’s court regarding that decision.

A boxing match is surely the obvious bet but then again, could this be entirely some unique set of rules between boxing and kickboxing that we have not seen before?

Who knows.

One thing is for sure though, despite the level of freak show we’re dealing with here, people will still watch out of curiosity if nothing else.

Almost like a car crash when you are driving or walking by, you know you shouldn’t look, but you just can’t help yourself.