Amir Khan yesterday accused Kell Brook of hanging out with naked male strippers on a beach amid their personal back and forth war to try to finally get this fight over the line.

Brook returns to the ring on December 8th and Khan has now attempted to turn the tables and accuse Brook of ducking him, with Brook for many years saying the same about Khan.

It’s almost school yard stuff these days between the two. Real childish insults that you might hear a couple of kids slinging at one another on a playground.

But two grown men and former world champions have been reduced to nothing more than that as their bitter hatred of one another is just starting to ooze out more and more now:

The main bone of contention in their negotiations now appears to be a re-hydration clause in that Khan wants Brook to weigh no more than ten pounds more on fight day than he does on weigh-in day 24 hours before the fight.

This was something Brook used to do as IBF welterweight champion as part of their rules but his counter of course will be that he doesn’t need to do this anymore as a fight with Khan is not for the IBF title.

Of course, Khan will turn around saying you did it before so what’s the issue kind of thing.

The fight will get made, in the end, but not after some more of this painful tit for tat unfortunately.

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