Yesterday Floyd Mayweather confirmed he would return to combat sports on December 31st against a talented undefeated Japanese kick boxer under a rule set to be determined. As you might imagine, Conor McGregor has chimed in.

Mayweather defeated McGregor under boxing rules in his sole venture into pro boxing back in September of last year but the two have consistently stayed at one another’s throats in the media since.

Following the announcement yesterday by Mayweather, McGregor has had this to say:

It is still unclear what exactly is going on with the above fight but most likely you’d have to think it will take place under boxing rules.

It seems unfathomable that Mayweather would risk his unbeaten record or his health to take on a fighter in a sport he has now training in at 41 years of age.

It will be interesting to see also who will show the ‘fight’ on TV or online too in terms of the worldwide streaming and television partners planning to be involved.