The bizarre nature of this morning’s Floyd Mayweather announcement is still being felt around the combat sports sphere at present.

People still don’t really know what’s going on to be fair.

Other than that Mayweather will face a Japanese kickboxer in some form of competitive fight on December 31st in Japan.

After the press conference ended both fighters stood next to one another.

Mayweather is not known for being a particularly tall chap himself, but he seems to have a significant size advantage going into this one:

Some have questioned are fights like this an insult to the sport of boxing in the first place.

Well, they are certainly not anything to do with boxing, really.

But, that said, the fact Mayweather is one of the most prominent and famed professional boxers in history makes his association on its own with these type of events draw eyeballs from people who would not usually watch boxing in the first place.

That whole positive premise and theory however is predicated on this being an actual boxing match of course – which we do not know as of yet.

You’d have to think it will be though.

This kick boxer is thought to be very dangerous with his feet and Floyd at his age will not want to take any risk to his health or otherwise.