The Exact Moment That Caused The Donaire vs Burnett Fight To End

The Exact Moment That Caused The Donaire vs Burnett Fight To End

This painful moment for Ryan Burnett this past weekend caused his World Boxing Super Series trophy dreams to go up in smoke and allowed ‘Filipino Flash’ Nonito Donaire to capture his world title.

Boxing can be a cruel sport at times.

The hurt business as it is known, really is just that.

Professional fighters who fight for prize money often come out of the ring less than what they were before they went into it.

That’s the top and bottom of it.

Perhaps this rare, unique and unrelatable to most level of bravery that they possess is what draws the masses to this great sport and soap opera at its highest level.

The story was on the wrong side of the shoe however for Belfast’s Ryan Burnett this past weekend in Scotland as one fan captured the exact moment his back went.

A moment that shortly afterwards saw his corner left with little choice but to pull him out of the fight:

Full credit to Nonito Donaire afterwards though.

He caused little fuss and chose not to celebrate the winning of his new world title due to the unfortunate circumstances in which it was acquired in.

As for Burnett, expect him to live to fight another day and to come back stronger in the new year.

Guys like him are made of the tough stuff and his coach Adam Booth will no doubt make sure he gets the best treatment in his injury rehabilitation.