Some footage has emerged of WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder in the ring with a well known heavyweight who’s had a pretty good imitation of Tyson Fury to be fair.

While American heavyweight Malik Scott is no longer a top level contender, those in the sport who have followed his career know that he possesses some of the flashy boxing skills in the weight class.

All be it they never quite culminated for him in winning a world title.

It turns out he has quite the gift for imitating other fighter’s styles, mind you.

Obviously no one is going to exactly replicate someone like Tyson Fury, who’s adapted a hard to predict style that perhaps he himself doesn’t even fully understand or even knows what he will do when the first bell goes.

That said, this is pretty interesting (hat tip Fight Hype YouTube) to watch someone get relatively close to the awkward movements of Fury at least:

Both fighters are really in the hard part of their training camps at the moment.

With the fight taking place on December 1st, the next two to three weeks before the final week of tapering off are when much of their hard sparring will be done.

Fury is sparring the likes of Joe Joyce at the moment in Big Bear, California.