Manny PacMan Pacquiao is in the UK this week ahead of a planned speech at Oxford and Cambridge and took time out to have a meeting with promoter Eddie Hearn.

Hearn was recently in the running to sign Pacquiao for new streaming platform DAZN in the US but in the end Pacquiao chose to sign an adviser contract with powerful manager Al Haymon.

That said, he didn’t sign a promotional contract with anyone and in most of the press releases so far he’s been saying that his own promotional company, M.P. Promotions will stage his next fight against Adrien Broner expected to take place next January.

Who’s to say thought that a deal with Hearn to promote an event of his in the future on DAZN won’t happen down the line.

Anything is possible in this crazy old game.

Here’s the two meeting earlier on and some of the fan reaction so far to the meeting:

Pacquiao’s expected next fight against Adrien Broner is thought to be getting lined up for January 19th in Las Vegas.

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