Floyd Mayweather has shocked not only the boxing, combat sports or general sports worlds this morning, but the entertainment world as a whole. No one really knows what he’s up to with this comeback.

Floyd Mayweather as he’s so masterfully done before from a business context, announced yet another comeback this morning after a brief hiatus and break from his professional combat sports endeavours.

This time though he’s gone ahead and announced for the first time as a professional he’ll fight outside of the US in Tokyo, Japan on New Year’s, and against a kickboxing champion no less.

Speaking on his young opponent Tenshin Nasakawa who is considered a top kickboxing champion in his sport, Mayweather had some strange comments really:

“I think that he is young, very strong, very fast and he’s undefeated so it’s obvious he’s been doing something right to be where he is at. So, I’m proud of him.”

He added:

“It doesn’t matter where the fight is at but it’s held at a special place so I’m pretty sure he’s going to give a lot of excitement, he’s going to give a lot of excitement and that’s really what the fans want to see.”

He later said again of his opponent:

“This kid right here is very special, he’s powerful, he’s fast, he’s strong.”

No one knows just yet what exactly they will be seeing in this ‘fight’ just yet.

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