The boxing world is rather lost this morning after Floyd Mayweather dropped a press conference bomb on the world from Japan in the form of announcing he’s fighting a kick boxer in Japan on new years eve.

Mayweather was present at a live press conference in Japan a short time ago where a number of translators spoke for him to the Japanese audience.

There’s really no confirmation just yet as to what rules the fight will take place under, at what weight, under what sanctioning body, how much he’ll be getting paid or anything else.

That said, he did post this picture ahead of the press conference showing him appearing to be wearing some form of MMA gloves:

Speaking a short time ago, Mayweather said:

“As far as the weight class and the rules, we’ll talk about that, we’ll get that situated within the next couple of weeks.”

He continued:

“As far as they said the money is the motivation, we all know that I had a great career. I was well and truly blessed to have been in the sport a long time, make over a billion dollars and make smart investments.”

He went on to say:

“This particular bout is a special bout, as far as we are giving the people something they have never seen before. The world has never seen Mayweather compete live in Tokyo. Throughout the years I’ve seen a lot of fans from Japan come to Las Vegas and come to the US but you know, me and my team said lets do something different and lets go over to Japan.”

Time will tell what he means by ‘special bout’.