Did somebody order a freak show? Yep, you got it. While one of the best boxers in history, Floyd Mayweather had been linked with a fight against UFC champion Khabib in recent weeks, which was strange enough as it was – what he’s actually gone for is even more left field than that.

Floyd Mayweather is not only one of the best fighters of all time, certainly of his generation, but more than anything in the latter half of his career, the ultimate boxing businessman.

Reports in recent weeks suggested that Mayweather may have gambled away much of his lavish fortune deservedly earned in the sweet science over the years.

So the school of thought he was then hell-bent on coming back to boxing to generate some big pay days to continue his glitzy lifestyle.

Well, this is one of the more bizarre things we’ve seen in boxing at least.

At a press conference a short time ago in Japan, Floyd Mayweather announced he will return to the ring on December 31st to take on a kick boxer by the name of Tenshin Nasakawa:

The fight will take place at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama but it is not clear as of yet whether it will be under boxing, kickboxing or MMA rules.

You’d have to think it will be a boxing match, though.

Here’s some of the reaction from bewildered boxing fans thus far:

It’s hard to figure out what exactly is going on just yet but by all accounts, this kickboxing chap is one of the best in the world in his sport.

So, surely it will be a boxing match for Mayweather.

That or it could just be some staged spectacle similar to when Muhammad Ali fought a wrestler many years ago in a wrestling match.

Who knows what good old Floyd has up his sleeve with this one.