Former bitter rivals in the ring turned even more bitter rivals in the boxing promotional world, Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather’s multi-decade beef continues to grow.

Usually it’s Floyd Mayweather who brings up things and instigates the first verbal punch, as it were, against one Oscar De La Hoya.

Not this weekend however.

De La Hoya has started proceedings for a change and continues to focus specifically on a stint in jail Mayweather did in the past for charges on domestic violence:

It is important to note however that Mayweather to this day remains he took a deal to do the jail term purely as he did not want to drag his kids through the mud and make them appear in court as part of the case at the time.

Both Mayweather and De La Hoya have been going at it in the media a lot in recent times following the new rivalry they now have in the promotion business.

De La Hoya recently reached out to Gervonta Davis despite the star boxer being under contract at present with Mayweather Promotions, to which Mayweather Promotions CEO passionately responded to on Twitter warning De La Hoya off.

All in all, these two just don’t seem like they’ll ever get along at the end of the day.

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