Tyson Fury On How He Would Have Done Against Mike Tyson

Tyson Fury On How He Would Have Done Against Mike Tyson

Not long ago Fury opponent and WBC champion Deontay Wilder had some comments about former champion Mike Tyson, saying he would have made easy work of him. Now Fury has had his chance to give his side on how he would have done.

Indeed, it was something that Fury was not at all pleased about when he learned that Wilder had said that about Mike Tyson.

After all, Fury’s father John named Tyson after Mike Tyson all those years ago when he was born.

As the story goes, the doctor asked what is his name, to which Fury’s replied:

“His name’s Tyson.”

The doctor laughed and the rest is history as they say.

Speaking to TMZ Fury said there would be no contest if he fought ‘Iron’ Mike back in his prime:

“Yeah, I think Mike Tyson would have knocked me out in 30 seconds.”

The reporter asked was he serious to which Fury replied:


It’s not often you hear a top-level pro boxer in any weight class admitting that another fighter would have beaten him.

Fair play for the once again brutal honesty from Fury.

On a serious note however, it’s always hard to compare eras. Something that fans love to do all the time.