Freddie Roach trained Pacquiao for the pair’s first fight back in 2015 that ended in a points win for Mayweather in Las Vegas but a lot has changed in three and a half years since then.

In many ways, the boxing industry has moved on and we now find ourselves in a new era for the sport where pay per view appears to be in decline the advent of streaming services continues to be the present and future.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao set the record for pay per view back in 2015 and even though a rematch wouldn’t be what the first one was, nor is the pay per view market what it used to be in the US, a second fight will still do well no doubt on pay per view.

Speaking to Blue Blood Sports TV, Roach said of a possible rematch:

“That’s why they need a fight before (a warm up fight) because the first fight wasn’t that great. It was a little disappointing to the fans I feel. They didn’t pull off what they wanted to. They needed to fight harder and try a little bit more in that fight. Manny had a bad injury. There were a lot of circumstances going into that fight. But that’s part of boxing though. But the thing is – I would like to see it one more time.”

Pacquiao first up is slated to take on Adrien Broner in January with Floyd currently linked to a boxing match against UFC champion Khabib next up.

Time will tell if the rematch does happen next year but by all accounts, that’s the plan.

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