It is known that boxers who make it to the top of the fight game as professional fighters are often some of the most inspiring human beings walking the face of the Earth today. WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder’s story has been condensed down into a new short clip – that really puts things into perspective about him.

Wilder essentially started professional boxing simply to pay the bills in the middle of working two jobs to feed a sick young daughter at the time.

His freakish knockout power however was to give way to something more than just paying the bills, matched only by his freakish determination and belief in himself.

This new trailer of an upcoming documentary ahead of his fight with Tyson Fury on December 1st in LA conveys just exactly what Wilder had to go through to get where he is today:

Boxers really do deserve every single penny they get.

Watching the above makes you realise that and puts into perspective the day-to-day struggles that us mere more mortals go through.

As for the fight itself on December 1st, Wilder’s up against a man of similar mental fortitude mind you.

But also a man in Tyson Fury with perhaps the best boxing skills Wilder will have seen at this point.

The puncher vs the boxer in many ways – time will tell what style wins out.

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