Bob Arum appears to have ignited his (one way) war of words towards powerful boxing adviser and Premier Boxing Champions founder Al Haymon.

This seems to have happened in recent weeks following former Arum promoted fighter Manny Pacquiao signing a deal with Haymon to work closely for the end of his career.

Arum has wished Pacquiao nothing but the best moving forward but continues to take shots at Haymon.

His latest rant at Haymon has dubbed him as a ‘cancer’ to the sport of boxing.

Speaking to Villainfy Media, Arum said of trying to make a unification welterweight fight with Haymon for Terence Crawford vs Errol Spence:

“He could fight Spence but obviously Mr.Cancer (referring to Al Haymon) won’t allow it. It’s Al Haymon. I’m telling you we’d do that fight tomorrow. You are talking to me but good luck with you talking to Haymon. I mean, how is it a guy can hide behind everything and none of you (reporters) ever talk to him. I mean, is that being a reporter? You get it from one side and then you ask why the fight isn’t happening and I’m telling you the fight isn’t happening because of Mr.Cancer and you guys can’t talk to him?”

In terms of the fight itself, Spence vs Crawford is probably the best fight in the whole welterweight division that can be made at the moment.