With the end of October fast approaching the WBC heavyweight title match between Wilder and Fury on December 1st won’t be long coming. It’s amazed me how many people have been overlooking Fury going into the fight, all except one group of people though. People who tend to get it right more often than not. The bookies.

Bookmakers while initially having the fight a completely two-horse 50/50 race have back peddled a tad in slight favor of Wilder to win now.

But they have not back peddled that much.

They know, like those who understand boxing, that if Fury were to come into the fight in similar shape to that of which he did against Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, and were to get into his groove in the fight and crucially not get tagged with anything big from Wilder in the opening three rounds, that he has every chance of out boxing Deontay Wilder if he can neutralize his big swinging style.

Luiz Ortiz managed to do that in his fight with Wilder in spots. If the best version we’ve seen of Tyson Fury turns up he could do a whole lot more than Ortiz did.

Furthermore, Fury has made the decision for over a week now to come off social media entirely and let his trainer manage his accounts until after his fights.

He’s taking this incredibly serious and to write him off completely like some have done would be foolish.

Forget Joshua vs Wilder next year if Fury wins, too. It would be all about Joshua vs Fury at that point.

Anything – absolutely anything can happen in boxing.