Floyd has been known to play games over the years in terms of publicity and is a master of getting people to talk about him but this latest social media stuff is becoming a tad predictable to be honest.

Mayweather I’ll openly admit completely conned me into buying a WWE Wrestle Mania event years ago against wrestler The Big Show.

In the build-up Mayweather legit and famously busted Big Show’s nose with some bare knuckle punches and then proceeded to leg it away from the giant.

The broken nose made me take notice ahead of the main event wondering would something real like that happen again.

They even had the Big Show in his family home wearing glasses talking about how seriously he wanted to hurt Mayweather.

Vince McMahon and Floyd Mayweather, two peas in a pod really looking back on it.

The main event was just a show. No broken noses – or broken jaws like Floyd had promised. That’s Mayweather though.

He’s a showman.

This whole call out of UFC champion Khabib for a boxing match seems way too far of a stretch at the moment and his social media numbers are conveying it.

At least with McGregor you had a stand up fighter who had a bit about him in terms of hyping a show himself. That’s not who Khabib is however.

There’s not a hope in hell a 40-year-old Floyd Mayweather would step into a UFC cage, either.

No way.