It has been known for a couple of weeks or so now that Manny Pacquiao would be working with Al Haymon but the official news came yesterday and on the whole, boxing fans seem to be for the move for ‘Pacman’ at this late stage of his career.

Manny Pacquiao has provided fans with years upon years of entertaining fights so it’s hard to begrudge him looking for the most money he can get for the last two of his career.

Those two specifically look to be against Adrien Broner and then a Floyd Mayweather rematch, so the only way he was going to get either of those was going through their adviser Al Haymon.

Pacquiao also confirmed that he will use his own promotional company for his next bout at least, a firm going by the name of M.P. Promotions who also staged his last contest this year against Lucas Matthysse in Malaysia.

Here is some of the sentiment being expressed so far from the fight fraternity to the news:

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