Promoter Eddie Hearn was linked with signing Manny Pacquiao for some time but alas, as of today’s official news, Pacquiao will now remain his own promoter with his own promotional company M.P. Promotions.

He’ll also work closely with US boxing manager Al Haymon too who is affiliated to Showtime and Fox but that didn’t stop promoter Eddie Hearn giving his pick on the fight.

Speaking to Fight Hype Hearn said:

“You never know what to expect with Broner really but it’s a decent fight. I make Pacquiao the favorite but Broner is decent, depends on what weight it’s at. Broner isn’t really a welterweight but nor is Pacquiao.”

In many ways you wonder why Pacquiao still fights at 147lbs because you know he could easily make 140lbs or possibly even lightweight if he wanted to.

The bigger fights are at welterweight of course but this is a rare instance where both Broner and Pacquiao could actually fight at a lower weight if they wanted to as neither guy is really a welterweight.

That said, Pacquiao has been at welterweight for a quite a while in his career now and likely this fight will happen at 147lbs come January.

Pacquiao appears to be the favorite at the moment among most observers but at his age and Broner’s youth advantage it would be unwise to completely write Broner off.

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