Floyd Mayweather has posted a video on his Instagram of someone who appears to be a friend of his to explain to UFC champion Khabib why he needs to fight him under boxing rules and in Las Vegas.

The bizarre story seems to be growing legs by the day in that Mayweather now has said on his part he is definitely willing to box Khabib.

Whether or not the UFC would let one of their athletes go again to boxing after Mayweather vs McGregor last year remains to be seen though.

Khabib has said he’d love to fight Mayweather but does not want the fight to happen in Las Vegas.

A pace where he is less than fond of the officials for withholding his last fight purse for the Conor McGregor MMA match recently.

Mayweather has posted this video of someone who appears to be a friend of his explaining why Khabib is mistaken, according to him:

Interesting stuff.

Time will tell if Floyd is just playing games again or if in fact this boxing match is going to happen.

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