WBC heavyweight champion of the world Deontay Wilder has given his thoughts on what he thinks about boxing’s biggest star Canelo Alvarez leaving the pay per view model and joining streaming subscription service DAZN as the platform continues to gain momentum.

Wilder is currently preparing for his upcoming challenge against Tyson Fury in LA on December 1st.

Speaking to Tha Boxing Voice Deontay Wilder said of Canelo signing to DAZN:

“For me, my personal opinion with it is whatever works for them works for them. They’ve got their own team and their going to operate how they want to. They want to go to the head people, I think that’s a good idea just to go straight to the head people and not deal with middlemen. If they going to do something you go straight to the people. Whatever he wants to do good for him, it’s his career and his life. I wish all fighters the best as I know how hard it is to do this.”

He added:

“No I’m not (going to get DAZN). I don’t think I need that app. I like Canelo as a fighter but I don’t keep up with him like that. So it wouldn’t do me no good to get that app. Eddie Hearn has p***** off a lot of people man. It ain’t nothing to do with DAZN but because they affiliated with Eddie Hearns it makes it bad. It’s like you can get 99 people with great vibes and you have that one bad apple right there (Eddie Hearn), that loud mouth, the arrogant one, the one that’s causing commotion and because of that one person – I don’t want to fuck with ya’ll. Vecause of that motherf***** (Eddie Hearn) right there. “

Eddie Hearn had nothing to do with Canelo signing to DAZN, the deal is totally separate with Golden Boy but the above, more than anything, shows just how much Wilder actually hates Hearn.

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