In the crazy boxing world we now live in Floyd Mayweather is cashing in as best he can as he knows his best fighting days are behind him but that fighting top name MMA fighters in the boxing ring carries little risk but huge financial reward.

Is what Mayweather is doing damaging boxing? Some, including Canelo Alvarez, think it is.

But the flip side of that coin is he is also bringing more MMA fans to boxing with his wanting to take on the likes of Khabib.

And McGregor in a rematch it turns out. Speaking to TMZ Mayweather said:

“No, McGregor was talking that s*** so it ain’t over. After me and Khabib we lock up, we going to lock up again. They keep saying why do you keep fighting all these MMA guys? Man listen, me and Khabib going to do crazy numbers. Me and MxGregor going to do crazy numbers. I can only clash with who does crazy numbers.”

Mayweather has also told the public he intends on taking on Manny Pacquiao in a rematch next year.

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