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Asked by a fan who promoter Eddie Hearn would take into a fight with him as back up if he had to pick three fighters out of the guys he promoted, Hearn came up with an interesting list.

If in a street fight and you had to pick three people from the boxing world, Hearn told one fan today that he’d take these three:

Pretty solid list there, a mix of super-middleweight, cruiserweight and heavyweight punchers would definitely be a formidable force!

Hearn also revealed in a Q and A session today that the best fight he ever promoted was:

A huge fight the above was indeed.

Joshua has been involved in some massive events already in his professional career, it’s hard to believe that he is still relatively young and inexperienced in terms of his pro record too, despite being the number one heavyweight in the world at the moment.

If Joshua vs Fury or Joshua vs Wilder were to happen next year you’d have to think that one of these fights will go into Hearn’s favorite fight promoted answer this time next year.

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