The legendary promoter was involved in the promotion of the first fight back in 2015 but wants no part of any rematch that is rumoured for early next year.

Earlier today various reports have said that Manny Pacquiao has now joined forces with boxing manager Al Haymon, Floyd Mayweather’s close friend and adviser.

This points more and more in the direction that Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2 is definitely happening and also gives Manny the option to fight someone like Adrien Broner, also managed by Haymon, in the final two fights of his career.

One man who has promoted both Mayweather and Pacquiao in his time is Bob Arum of Top Rank.

Speaking to TMZ Arum said:

“No I don’t want any part of it. They are past their prime. It will do good at the box office. They’ll make money which is fine, but they are not elite fighter anymore.”

He added:

“It’s a money grab. Business is business. It’s good money for each of them, you can’t begrudge them but you know, they are not elite anymore.”

In many ways Arum is spot on above.

The fight will definitely do strongly in the sales department on pay per view – all be it both fighters now past their primes at this stage.