Conor McGregor came up short last night in Las Vegas against UFC champion Khabib but what happened afterwards is stealing the headlines due to the ugly scenes that ensued.

McGregor ultimately got destroyed and tapped out by Russian Khabib in 4 rounds but even that didn’t seem to be enough to please the Russian.

Or his team.

Usually when a fight is over respect is mutual but this was never going to be the case given the hatred between the two fighters and sets of teams.

Both teams genuinely hate one another, and it showed, given the fact Khabib won and essentially was a sore winner and decided to go after one of McGregor’s team.

Moments after one of Khabib’s team then jumped in the cage and attacked McGregor alongside another Khabib team member:

Incredible scenes never before seen even in boxing or MMA it must be said.

Afterwards UFC president Dana White said three of Khabib’s team were arrested and taken straight to jail in Las Vegas.

No comments have been forthcoming just yet from McGregor or Khabib but this is going to take a long time to sink in for the UFC no doubt.

Whether or not Khabib or the members of his team involved who were arrested will be able to fight in Vegas again remains to be seen.