Watch: Vargas vs Dulorme Live Stream Full Undercard Video

Vargas vs Dulorme Live Stream Of Full Undercard Video

We are pleased to confirm for our readers that tonight the full Vargas vs Dulorme live stream undercard will be able to be watched right here on Boxing News and Views courtesy of DAZN below.

Tonight’s main event between Vargas and Dulorme is a cracker for the purists, sure. It’s going to be a nice night of boxing overall.

But there’s a bigger picture tonight for boxing here, too.

Good ol Eddie Hearn, promoter of tonight’s fight and the man charged with delivering on a billion dollar budget to grow American boxing for a reported eight years from one of England’s, if not England’s richest man, Sir Len Blavatnik (main man backing DAZN) – knows he’s under pressure to deliver.

The thing I like about Blavatnik, compared to other successful investors who made their money essentially by backing the right people like Warren Buffet, is that like Buffet, he usually only backs winners and projects that he already has a deep understanding of.

One of Buffet’s key rules in backing ventures is that they are led by the appropriate management team. Blavatnik, upon surface level at least, seems from a similar cloth.

I’m sold that Eddie Hearn is the best promoter in boxing and one of the few decent, professional people I’ve met in the business over the years.

Boxing is a crap business really, if truth be told, but Hearn has done a lot for it to be fair to him.

That’s something I’ve known for years. But, I don’t know about these DAZN people just yet. Can they pull it off? It would be awesome for boxing if they can.

I’m skeptical at this point however. Then again, I don’t trust a soul alive or dead.

On the whole, when you look at it though, anyone pouring this kind of money into boxing is only a good thing for the sport. Surely.

With HBO now gone from American boxing it’s essentially DAZN vs ESPN vs Showtime vs Fox in the platform and network war within the sweet science.

I’m not sold on DAZN or Perform yet to be honest as I just don’t enough about them as people yet or their values, outside of some research and due dilligence over the last two months or so.

Both DAZN and Eddie know he must sign a huge star name in boxing soon or else be prepared to be in this thingĀ  for the long run over two to three years at least, before seeing any traction from boxing in comparison with MMA and other popular sports in America.

In the meantime, all they can do is ensure they put on quality fights and competitive bouts and make sure tonight’s atmosphere in Chicago is an excellent live event for fans in attendance, as well as watching on DAZN.

Tonight’s card is Hearn and Matchroom USA’s first event on US soil as part of the new partnership with DAZN and a solid Vargas vs Dulorme undercard is able to watch on live stream right here – enjoy: