Mike Tyson knows a thing or two about crazy brawls in and outside the ring but last night was up there for surely more nutty than any of even his from back in the day.

Look, the fight business is the fight business.

Crazy things can happen occasionally when you put two trained killers in a ring against one another, particularly when they genuinely hate on another and moreover, when their two teams absolutely despise one another.

It’s certainly not sport but it can happen unfortunately.

Last night in Las Vegas the UFC experienced perhaps their ugliest scene ever when Khabib jumped the cage after beating Conor McGregor to attack on of McGregor’s team mates.

This loss of control was followed by Khabib’s team member then actually jumping into the cage to attack Conor McGregor bare knuckle while the Irishman had his back turned to him.

Mike Tyson has had this to say:

That’s saying something, too.

The youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history is known for a being a big MMA fan as well as a big boxing fan these days in retirement.