Boxer Tony Bellew was one of the many from the boxing world watching Irishman McGregor’s UFC fight against Khabib last night and has now given his take on what he saw transpire.

McGregor lost in convincing fashion in the end so it is debatable if there will be calls for a rematch.

Although, what happened afterwards will no doubt make it one of the biggest selling fights of all time if the UFC do indeed put together a rematch with McGregor and champion Khabib.

Straight after the fight McGregor was forced to ship some bare knuckle punches in the ring from what appeared to be from team members of Russian Khabib’s camp.

Bellew had this to say:

People are in agreement big time with the above it appears.

Although it is important to point out since the time of those tweets some new footage has emerged that shows McGregor isn’t totally innocent in everything either.