The entire boxing world has been watching events transpire in the UFC world in recent hours after one time boxer Conor McGregor made global headlines in Las Vegas.

McGregor and UFC champion Khabib fought for four rounds in a fight that the Russian champion dominated largely.

But what happened afterwards was up there perhaps for some of the craziest scenes ever witnessed anywhere in the fight business.

Riots broke out in the crowd and outside the venue even afterwards between Russian and Irish fans, following Khabib jumping the cage and attacking a member of McGregor’s team.

At this same time McGregor threw a punch at a member of Khabib’s team which prompted them to go after and assault McGregor in the ring.

The Irishman decided not to press charges afterwards and all three men arrested were released without charge.

Amir Khan, a good friend of Conor McGregor, was stunned by what he saw:

Indeed, most well-known boxers have had a similar reaction on social media so far this morning.

A crazy night in a crazy old game!