The world of sport has been gripped in recent hours by incidents that took place after a fight in Las Vegas involving Irish mega star Conor McGregor and UFC champion Khabib.

McGregor, who boxed Floyd Mayweather last year in Las Vegas, was beaten by the Russian Khabib in the UFC in four rounds.

However multiple talking points have come about following what can only be described as ugly scenes afterwards.

Punches were thrown by both Khabib’s team and McGregor himself it should be said.

Khabib taunted McGregor after he had tapped him out and appeared to want to go back to batter him some more, such was the genuine hatred in his heart he had for the Irishman.

This angle captures exactly what happened and tells the full story for the first time:

That’s the first time we’ve been able to see one full, continuous piece of tape that has shown everything happen from a neutral angle all at the same time.

No doubt the above footage can act as a good reference point for people like the Nevada State Athletic Commission when investigating proceedings of this weekend and looking for more info on what happened before deciding what happens to those involved.

All in all, another nutty night in the world of fighting.