The British heavyweight rivals have been on a collision course for years and next year a showdown could finally happen. In theory.

Anthony Joshua kept up his end of the bargain and kept winning with a stunning 7th round stoppage win this weekend over Alexander Povetkin.

A win that now has well and truly established him as the number one heavyweight fighter in the world.

But that could all change soon.

Fury challenges Deontay Wilder for the WBC title on December 1st and if he were to win that talks of an all British world mega fight between Joshua and Fury would surely be on the table.

That’s if he wins.

Fury lashed out at Joshua on social media last night following the Povetkin fight.

It appears (according to Joshua) that Fury has also blocked him on Twitter. Here’s how Joshua has reacted to the blocking:

It looks like Fury genuinely doesn’t like Joshua very much.  Well, that’s what it would appear at surface level upon first examination.

But in my opinion, this is the start of more mental warfare against Joshua on Fury’s part.

Fury is a far more intelligent man than he lets on in public or in his purposeful communications that are more deliberate than you might think.

Fury got under Klitschko’s skin before he beat him years ago, now he’s trying to do the same with Joshua.

What a fight this could be down the road.