Liverpool heavyweight David Price was forced to retire after four rounds of action last night due an injury that was unable to leave him continue.

Price revealed afterwards in his post-fight interview in the ring that he had been carrying an injured bicep going into the fight and that it had been a gamble taking the bout in such late notice.

A gamble that didn’t pay off after he was unable to virtually lift his arm by the fourth round in what was otherwise an even fight.

He’s had time to think about things over night and has now put together the following message for his fans:

In many ways Price has been very unlucky in his boxing career.

For a variety of reasons.

He’s still one of the biggest punchers in world boxing and whether or not he retires is entirely his decision but if he were to get fit and healthy, there’s no reason why he can’t still give plenty of heavyweights out there trouble with the power he possess.

If he is comfortable with just being a contender than perhaps he will return.

Winning a world title at this stage of his career after the big knockout losses suffered would likely be a mountain too steep to climb.