Teddy Atlas Makes Stunning Claim About Golovkin On Eve Of Canelo Rematch

Colorful commentator and boxing coach Teddy Atlas has made perhaps one of the most controversial claims of his broadcast career so far – and that’s saying something.

I often wonder is Teddy saying stuff these days for pure shock value.

Like many of those who admire him, I enjoy his brutal honesty, but lately, I can’t help but get the feeling is this also being meshed in with some purposeful crazy remarks.

He knows these type of comments grab headlines.

Upon speaking to an American friend of mine yesterday he made a good point after watching an ESPN segment, in that, he was shocked by it:

“Listen he’s (Gennady Golovkin) overrated. Yeah, I’m talking about GGG. Somebody clean out that handset for him (looking at Max Kellerman). No really, is it alright?”

How someone could say Golovkin is overrated is quite the claim.

I’ve never heard any pundit, boxer or trainer make the suggestion. At the end of the day, he’s ducked nobody and tried to take on all comers in the middleweight division.

If fights did not happen for Golovkin it’s not because he’s ducked them.

He’s gone through everyone put in front of him when you look at his resume.

Ultimately, all shall be revealed tomorrow.