Canelo Responds To Needle Allegations From Golovkin

Golovkin claimed that information and photos were given to him after the first fight that showed injection marks all over Canelo’s body according to ‘GGG’.

The bad blood is very real ahead of this weekend’s middleweight title fight in Las Vegas.

Both guys are doing their level best at the moment to control their anger towards one another.

They are opting instead to save it and unleash it for the first bell at the T-Mobile Arena in a fight that beckons to be a battle for the ages.

When Canelo heard about Golovkin’s injection remarks about the first fight and about possibly showing needle marks on his body coming into Saturday, he replied:

“Those are the kicks and screams from someone who is drowning. Those are the excuses that they are making for what is coming Saturday – which is a loss for them. Look, I have been monitored for most of my career. I’ve been monitored by VADA since 2011. If I had something the authorities would have picked it up. But basically, it’s an excuse for what’s coming on Saturday – which is a loss for them.”

The fight on Saturday night is live on HBO pay per view in the US and on BT Sports pay per view in the UK.

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