Live Stream: Golovkin vs Canelo 2 Weigh In

The live stream of the Golovkin vs Canelo 2 weigh-in takes place later today and will be available to watch right here on Boxing News and Views.

Some have said Golovkin has looked a little drained during the week in his final media rounds.

I’m not sure has he though.

He seemed to look healthy enough overall in my opinion and he always has a few last pounds to boil off on fight week anyway.

Canelo has looked very slim on the other hand.

Making weight has already been done you’d have to think.

It’s easy to forget that Golovkin is the much more natural middleweight of the two because of the drastic change in physique of Canelo this time round.

There are so many questions going into this fight but ultimately tactics and who wants it more should see the right man get the win.

Canelo appears to be built for stamina more so this time round indicating that he’s going to box and move.

Golovkin has never had stamina issues in his career but he’ll need to get off to a much faster start if he wants to win on Saturday.

Here’s the live stream video of the weigh-in for you to save and bookmark for today: