Watch: Canelo Runs At Golovkin After Weigh-In

Canelo Alvarez’ intensity could not be questioned after the weigh-in with Gennady Golovkin as he ran over to him almost crashing into ‘GGG’.

Golovkin was unflappable and seemed more than ready for anything that was going to happen.

Trainers and promoters stepped in between the two to stop anything from kicking off but the tension was there for all to see not just between the fighters, but also the coaches.

Golovkin coach Abel Sanchez got in the middle of the face off and Canelo’s team started to push and shove.

Here’s the moment it happened (hat tip Fight Hub YouTube):

You really get the feeling that if there wasn’t anyone to break them up that fists would have been exchanged right there on stage.

The back and forth between the rival teams in the build-up has been consistent and whatever happens tonight, I would not be surprised if we see a third fight between the two next year in what could become one of the great rivalries of modern boxing.

As for the weigh-in itself, both guys looked like they had trained ferociously and are ready to go.

Don’t blink tonight.