Golovkin Makes Injection Marks Claim About Canelo

Gennady Golovkin has gone on record on what he thought Canelo was up to before the first fight he had last year.

A huge story line coming into this weekend’s rematch between Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez surrounded Canelo failing a drugs test after their first fight and serving a six month suspension before this weekend’s rematch.

Canelo contends to this day that the adverse result in the test was due to contaminated meat in his home country of Mexico.

Golovkin has been consistent in his belief that he thinks Canelo cheated and does not believe his story about contaminated meat.

Speaking at the final press conference Golovkin speaking through a translator said he believes Canelo had clear injection marks on his body before the first fight:

“You couldn’t deny that there wasn’t injection marks.”

On where he noticed the marks on Canelo’s body before the first fight, Golovkin added:

“Everywhere, biceps, stomach, pretty much everywhere. All over his body.”

Golovkin was referring to information and photos that were passed onto him of Canelo after their first bout last year in Las Vegas.

This weekend’s fight will once again take place in Sin City with the T-Mobile Arena once again playing host.