Lets take a look at the expected Amir Khan vs Samuel Vargas time of fight in tonight’s boxing action in the UK that will also be shown around the world in this weekend’s boxing from Birmingham.

Khan was forced to strip down to make weight yesterday but it wasn’t that he had drained himself.

It appeared he just misjudged the calibration of his scales at home compared to those at the venue by a couple of ounces.

Once he stripped down he came in bang on the weight.

Afterwards he admitted that he had a full meal the night before and a breakfast the morning of the weigh-in.

Clearly he has pushed himself through the pain barrier for tonight’s fight and has been very focused and determined all week.

Many people are expecting potentially the best Amir Khan we’ve ever seen tonight. At 31 years of age, he’s in the prime of his boxing career now.

The Amir Khan vs Samuel Vargas time tonight is expected at around 10pm UK time in Birmingham which works out as 5pm in the East coast of the US.

2pm in the afternoon in the West.

For those in the UK the fight will be live on Sky Sports and those in the US will be able to catch the fight free on the DAZN Facebook and Twitter pages.

There will also be a full undercard shown before the main event.

Make sure to tune in a little earlier than the above just in case of any last minute changes from the broadcasters and to give yourself plenty of time for tonight’s boxing match in Birmingham.

You can watch the fight if you are in the US right here.

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