Floyd Mayweather Becoming A Trainer?

There has been a lot of well publicized beef this week between Floyd Mayweather and his star fighter Gervonta Davis who is signed to Mayweather Promotions. Is this the first time we are going to see Mayweather directly train fighters?

I remember last year after Mayweather beat McGregor he let slip in an ESPN interview post-fight that he’s open to training fighters in the future.

He’s never really touched on it since, or even before that to be fair.

But it makes his sense.

Both his father and two uncles Jeff and Roger have all been successful trainers and fighters so the ability to do both obviously runs in the Mayweather blood.

Plus the fact Mayweather himself was the best fighter of his generation gives him some invaluable experience to pass on that no other fighter of his time could.

But now Gervonta Davis saying this has really brought Mayweather wanting to become a boxing trainer to light:

He could certainly do worst.

That’s for sure.